Client Testimonials

From Boise, Idaho

I have been working with Bridget for several months, to establish a truce between an aggressor and his ‘prey’.  What I have appreciated most about Bridget is her enthusiasm, and patience.  It has been a work in process due to my work/travel schedule, but Bridget has stuck with us for the long haul.  She is always responsive and readily available, and takes the initiative to check on how we’re doing, without pressure or criticism.  She keeps me encouraged, and I am confident we will ultimately restore the peace.  Bridget has gone the extra mile(s) to help us, literally!

Feline Guardian

From Des Moines, Washington…

In the past few months, Another Chance Cat Adoption has had an opportunity to work with Bridget Lehet of Feline Intuition. We are a cat rescue and as such get a wide variety of cats with everything from medical issues to personality disorders to fear and aggression problems.  It is a challenge, at best, to try and solve problems of a cat who tend to want to keep it to themselves.  Bridget has helped us to alleviate some of the issues by spending several hours working with some of our rescues even after they are adopted.  We are totally impressed with her work ethics and compassion as well as the results.  We highly recommend contacting Bridget for any problems you encounter with the feline population.

~ Connie Welker
President, ACCA
Des Moines, Washington

From Vashon, Washington…

As a volunteer foster guardian for the Kitsap Humane Society, I am responsible for helping to socialize kittens in preparation for their forever homes. Bridget Lehet has generously donated her time and training to help me with this endeavor.

Because black cats are shrouded in superstition, they are often passed over for adoption. With Bridget Lehet’s assistance, the Kitsap Humane Society was easily able to place all members of a recent litter, even though there were several black kittens among them. A natural born cat whisperer, Bridget helped to bring out the kittens’ “inner winner” so that each kitten found an immediate home.

 ~ Lorie Weed
Volunteer Foster Guardian
Vashon, Washington

From Vashon, Washington…

I am so thankful for your knowledge and help with my babies when they were just kits. I was soooo beyond worried [that] Mahina wouldn’t be able to bind with me out of fear….but a year later and you can’t separate her from me if you tried! You’re the best!

 ~ Chlorissa
Posted on Facebook
Vashon, Washington

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