About Us

The Personal Side…

I have always loved cats, but my relationship with Gak, a Flame Point Siamese, was different. Gak and I had a very special bond – one that I’ve never experienced before with any other animal, and frankly, one that I’ve experienced with very few humans.

Gak pic 2The minute I would pick up Gak, all 12 pounds of him, Gak would hug me by wrapping his head around my neck.

Gak brought me daily gifts. Sometimes it was a mouse or a shrew, a small mole-like creature common in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes it was a perfect leaf.

At night, Gak loved to sleep at the top of my head and would lick my hair as I slept. I often woke with an interesting hairdo. My husband and I used to call it, “Hair by Gak.”

Gak was the most loving cat I’ve ever known, and one of the best hair stylists I’ve ever had.

Gak passed away on January 22, 2015. Boy, I sure do miss him!

The Professional Side…

Although the value of dog trainers has been recognized since the Roman Empire, and has become better known, due to the work of people such as Jackson Galaxy, seen on the Animal Planet’s hit television show, My Cat From Hell, feline trainers are just beginning to gain mainstream recognition for the tremendous value that they provide.

My career as a feline trainer and behavior modification specialist first whispered to me in my early 20’s, when I worked as veterinary assistant, and I spent my spare time volunteering at shelters and rescues.

During that time I saw many unfortunate situations in which cats were loved by their humans, but their humans believed they could no longer keep their cat due to a move, or the cat began misbehaving by peeing on rugs or scratching on furniture.

As well, the cats loved their families, and were often distraught when they were separated from them. It was heartbreaking, and I knew that it usually didn’t have to end this way.

More recently, I began get serious about pursuing a career in feline behavior and training, and Gak was my inspiration to finally make it happen. I studied with the Animal Behavior Institute. I joined the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the Pet Professional Guild.

We Speak Cat…

I hung my shingle as Feline Intuition™, Certified Feline Trainer and Behavior Specialist, under the belief that close bonds, such as the one I developed with Gak, are possible for other humans to experience with their feline fur babies, but miscommunication can prevent those bonds from fully developing.

Analyzing your cat’s behavior is not black and white, even if the color of their fur is. Part advocate and part educator, Feline Intuition™ can create a customized plan to help you put an end to your cat’s misbehaving. We speak cat!

Located in the Seattle, Washington area, Feline Intuition™ works with clients around the globe via your video, phone, and email. Call 1-877-362-2668 or email to request a free 15 minute introductory consultation. Learn how our professional services can help you live happily ever after with your cat!

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