Feeling Desperate By Your Cat’s Behavior?

Need A Cat Trainer & Cat Behavior Modification Specialist?

Some people think of us as a cat psychologist or cat therapist. You know, like your own personal cat shrink for hire, much like Jackson Galaxy on Animal Planet’s, My Cat From Hell hit television show. Others think of us as a cat whisperer. While our official title is Certified Feline Trainer and Behavior Specialist, our passion and purpose is to help you achieve harmony and happiness with the feline fur babies in your home!

Your Location Is Not A Barrier!

It does not matter where you live in the United States, Canada, or across the globe. For those in the Seattle, Washington area, we have the Paws-ON and Paw-Off solutions. For those living at a distance we have the Virtual-Paws solutions. Through the miracle of modern technology, Feline Intuition™ can create a behavior modification plan customized for your cat and support you with coaching via your video, phone, and email. You know what they say about technology: “It’s the next best thing to being there!”

Does Your Cat Think Your House Is One. Big. Litter. Box? Yikes! 

While many people feel that their cat eliminating outside the littler box is the worst cat crime ever, the truth is, if your cat is urinating on the carpet or peeing on your bed, it’s your cat’s cry for help.

As a Certified Feline Behavior Modification Specialist, Feline Intuition™ can help you identify the underlying cause of your cat’s behavior and coach you on how to change it. Your S.O.S. call to Feline Intuition™ can literally save you thousands of dollars. Contact us before your house turns into a smelly embarrassment in need of renovation!

Is Your Cat Clawing Furniture And Chewing On Belongings?

Hire us for your feline intervention! Before your cat’s clawing on your furniture turns into a whole-house decorating project featuring plastic covers and tarps, let us help. Don’t let your house become like the crazy cat lady’s house next door!

Are Your Angry Cats Fighting?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do my cats fight so much?” The truth is that cat-to-cat aggression and cat-to-human aggression are symptoms of feline stress. While it is possible that this behavior can manifest from an undiagnosed medical problem, feline aggression is often unknowingly encouraged by the cat owners themselves. You can’t fix what you don’t understand. Let us help!

Feline Intuition™ is committed to helping the 2-legged and the 4-legged joyfully coexist. With a little coaching from Feline Intuition™, your fur babies can learn to play nicely in the sandbox, and harmony can reign in your home once more.

Moving To A New Residence And Your Cat Can’t Come Along?

Sadly, life circumstances sometimes demand that a cat must find a new home due to an impending move. Preemptive coaching from Feline Intuition™ can reduce the stress of such a transition for your cat and its human companions.

Because statistics show that as many as 75% of felines entering shelters are eventually euthanized, Feline Intuition™ is particularly passionate about working with feline guardians and shelters to ensure that your cat is successfully placed in its new home. In many cases, Feline Intuition™ offers relocation consulting at a substantially reduced rate.

What’s Your Sanity Worth To You, Anyway?

It’s not easy to put a price tag on your sanity, but we’re pretty sure the cost for losing your sanity is much higher than the modest investment required for one of our feline behavior modification support packages. Call us today for your free 15 minute introductory consultation. Let us help you figure out what’s going on, and then work with you to fix it. The sanity we help save today, can be your own. Let us help you live happily ever after with your cat!

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